Personal Stylist Erica Ball

Erica is a Personal Stylist and Brand Image Consultant based in Los Angeles that works with women, men and teens.  She is passionate about working with her clients to create a brand, image and capsule wardrobe that they love.  The most rewarding part about being a Personal Stylist for Erica is knowing that she's helping her clients be who they want to be in the world everyday, in their personal and in their professional life.   

She built her styling career in the entertainment industry over 13 years ago.  Her styling has been featured in films, television shows and commercials for brands including Samsung, Pepsi, Victoria Secret, Turkish Airlines Super Bowl 2016, Subway, Carl's Jr, Nickelodeon, ESPN, Murad and Nike.  She has dressed celebrities such as Tim Burton, Jane Lynch, Michelle Monaghan, Jerry Rice, Kurt Warner, Robin Givens, Stephen Dorff and John Wall; as well as high-powered executives, stay-at-home moms, teenagers and everyone in-between. 


Selected Brands Erica's Worked With

victoria secret.png

"When I hired Erica to help me choose some outfits, I had no idea she would help to transform my life, and I am forever grateful. 


Here’s what I found to be so valuable:  

  • She takes a “self-love approach.” She helped me to embrace my unique body type by not only finding clothes that fit me well but also teaching me what items work for me and why.  With a master’s degree in psychology, it’s no surprise she focuses on self-love and confidence building, emphasizing that feeling good about yourself on the inside is part of what makes you look good on the outside.  

  • She teaches you to be a savvy shopper.  I used to shop constantly, buying lots of inexpensive clothes, just because they were a good deal. But often, I didn’t wear them.  After Erica showed me how to save money on quality pieces I love wearing, I was able to build a small-but-mighty wardrobe. While I have a smaller wardrobe, I wear everything and I love everything."  


                                                                                                                                                                                      -Personal Styling Client Testimonial