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Grab your FREE tip sheet to learn How To Organize Your Closet in 17 easy steps.  In these 17 tips for organizing your closet like a pro, I'll walk you through how to makeover your closet. 

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how to organize your closet


One of the first things I do when I enter someone's closet is to determine how accessible everything is. Does this person have an easy time finding everything in their closet each morning as they are getting ready for the day, or are there pieces that are out of view and easily forgotten?

On average a woman spends 6 months of her life choosing what to wear. Most of us need more time, with busy family and work life who has extra time to be spending staring at their closet each day? Having an organized closet not only saves you time and stress, but also money. When everything is visible in your closet, you know what you have and also what you need. It can help you avoid those last minute trips to the mall to buy something that you don't necessarily love, for that event you have tomorrow.

With over 13 years of experience as a Personal & Wardrobe Stylist styling celebrities, for tv shows, commercials and films in Los Angeles, I've

created a free downloadable pdf tip sheet:

17 Simple Steps To Organize Your Closet”. 

I believe in these 17 Steps to Organize your closet and simplify your life so much that I'm giving you the first 5 right here:



1. Everything in your closet must be something you like (ideally love), that you know how to wear and that fits you now (not your ideal self 6 months from now).

2. Good hangers are a must. Not only do they protect your clothes, they also make things in your closet feel more luxe and special. My personal favorite are wooden ones like these here. If your closet is small, try these here instead to save space.

3. If you have multiple handbags, use shelf dividers like these here or here, also love this purse organizer here.

4. Group items together into sections in your closet, ie: tops, pants, skirts, dresses...

5. Organize each section by color from light to dark first, and then by style from casual to dressy and sleeveless to long sleeve.

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"Erica is terrific to work with...  My closet is cleaned out and she helped me find new pieces that I absolutely love.  She helped me sort though over 10 years of fashion hits & misses.  I’m SO happy about how organized my closet is.  I literally feel a weight lifted off of me.  I didn’t realize how much stress that closet was causing me.  And, I have an awesome story about going out last night because it was so easy to find what I needed in my closet.  

I can’t fully express the relief that not only can I see everything and it’s organized, but that everything in my closet fits me and isn’t dated."

               -Client Testimonial