"I was apprehensive about using a stylist, but knew I needed to do something to improve
my OK but bland wardrobe. After interviewing a few candidates, I selected Erica because
of her impressive resume, responsiveness and commitment to deliver value for her customers. I am not a fan of shopping and was also excited by her shopping services –
she buys the clothes, I keep what I want & she returns anything not selected.
During the first visit to my home she briefly interviewed me to get a sense of my goals,
then we reviewed my closet. Did a fair amount of purging, but also identified several
pieces that needed to be complemented in order to work. She gathered all sizing info and scheduled a follow up visit. 3 weeks later – follow up visit. Erica arrives with a massive amount of clothes sets that we work through (fit, style, etc) to systematically whittle down
to the finalists. She is extremely efficient in helping to choose pieces that work well, and helps to eliminate similar items. After narrowing down the field, she creates multiple outfits with the new items and pieces from my existing wardrobe.
I now have a closet full of clothes that look great, and 99% of the things that she brought are items that I either would not have found or wouldn’t have purchased without some encouragement.  And I never had to leave my house. Will definitely work with her again!"
Mike B.
"Just wanted to say it was great to work with you.  It’s such a relief now to go into my
closet and have so many items that I’m excited to wear.  I have a friend's birthday dinner
in the city on Saturday and my daughter's birthday party on Sunday and I’m not stressing
at all about what I have to wear!"
Christine P.
"This was SO much fun.  You are a star, and I can't thank you enough.  Your follow-up is as outstanding as your shopping, your organization skills, and your energy... I have been well-dressed and I've felt like a million bucks since the day you left my house."
Jill K.
"Thanks so much for your help, it was an awesome learning experience for me.  I'm still in shock how easy that was.  My wife loved every item as well.  Bar raised."
"Erica is terrific to work with - professional, organized, stylish, friendly and easy-going.  My closet is cleaned out and she helped me find new pieces that I absolutely love.  She has great taste and helped me sort though over 10 years of fashion hits & misses.  I’m SO happy about how organized my closet is.  I literally feel a weight lifted off of me.  I didn’t realize how much stress that closet was causing me.  And, I have an awesome story about going out last night because it was so easy to find what I needed in my closet.   I can’t fully express the relief that not only can I see everything and it’s organized, but that everything in my closet fits me and isn’t dated.  Feels great! I highly recommend her!"
Pam Y. 
"I don’t like shopping and I certainly don’t keep up on the latest trends, but I work in an industry in which that’s very important. I needed the help of a personal stylist and Erica came highly recommended. She made the whole process effortless. We went through my closet, I showed her the pieces I wear the most and she built up from there. She got my aesthetic right away and easily identified what worked, what should go and what needed to be acquired. Most of the clothes she pulled for me looked great off the rack, while others simply needed minor alterations to fit perfectly- something I’d never think to do.
I now have a wardrobe that is versatile and up-to-date, which also reflects my own style. I not only feel confident in my clothes, but I feel authentic, too. I think that’s what separates Erica from other stylists I’ve worked with before. I don’t feel like I’m dressed in someone else’s clothes. I’ve used Erica now for my personal wardrobe, as well as for red carpet events in New York and Los Angeles. I can’t recommend her enough."
Jake F.
"I began using Erica Ball as my personal stylist almost 4 years ago and it has been a wonderful experience. She has truly transformed the way I feel about my wardrobe and my personal style. Erica is a true professional with an amazing sense of style. She is organized and passionate about fashion but, most importantly, she is a joy to be around. I have so much fun every time I meet with her.

During our first meeting, Erica helped me identify my personal style and my overall wardrobe needs. She took into consideration my lifestyle and budget in order to customize her services to my needs. Erica told me about her services that would help curate my closet to fit my wardrobe needs both personally and professionally. 

At our first appointment, Erica helped me purge my closet which is something I had been avoiding for years. She gave me so many helpful pointers on what pieces flatter my figure and what colors were best for me. Erica then made a list and took pictures of the pieces in my closet and what I was missing. She showed me how to make the items in my closet feel fresh again and how to create outfits with pieces I already own. 

After our first meeting Erica shopped for me based on what we discussed at the closet cleanse. Erica has been my personal stylist since that first meeting and it was the best decision I have ever made. Every time Erica styles me I am excited about every piece she chooses. Getting dressed everyday is so much easier now that my closet consists of outfits that flatter my body and work with my lifestyle. Anytime I have an event or trip planned my first call is to Erica as I know she will make me look and feel amazing. I would 100 percent, without reservation recommend Erica Ball to anyone looking for a personal stylist."
Ashley D.

"Definitely loving everything-feeling great and confident both at work and on the weekends!!  Erica has been awesome to work with!  Looking forward to a spring refresh!"

Catherine D.

"Erica is delightful to work with, and has such great insight. She also has an amazing eye for style and chose beautiful pieces that were right for me. She helped me create a perfect wearable wardrobe that has made dressing so much more efficient. The investment was a wise one.
I love my clothes, they fit perfectly and I have exactly what I need for my lifestyle. I will definitely count on her for updates in the future."

Julie  M.
"After walking into my closet for the thousandth time and thinking, "I have nothing to wear." I decided to get serious about revamping my wardrobe. A friend recommended Erica and she has been a treasure!
Rather than throwing everything out and starting over, Erica was able to take a look at my existing wardrobe and make suggestions using much of what I already owned. She also pointed me toward several new purchases which not only gave me a fresh look but enhanced what was already in my closet. Her ideas and suggestions were not only helpful but budget friendly.
As a woman in her mid fifties I have often found myself stuck between "too young and too old" when it comes to clothes. Erica has now steered me toward dressing in a sophisticated and tasteful direction. I feel much more confident now! Thank you Erica ~ I am very pleased to give you my highest recommendation."
Debbie P.
"I'm a mom of two and it's become VERY easy to live in yoga pants and sweatshirts. But I'm turning 40 and thought I should get myself together. I've never had a personal stylist before so I thought I'd give it a try.
I'm short and curvy and Erica was very mindful of my body type. She made great recommendations according to what I felt comfortable in and what she knew would look great on me. She opened up my eyes to some cuts and patterns I usually stay away from and taught me that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. But perhaps the best thing she did was edit my closet. I had a ton of stuff that I never wore and she either convinced me to toss it...or she found new pieces to pair with old pieces to create an entirely fresh look. Life changing. 
I'm now entering my 40's still me...just looking like a BETTER version of me. Run don't walk to Erica."
Tara H.
"After having my baby, I was in desperate need for a closet makeover. Getting dressed became a huge source of frustration as much of my clothing either didn't fit right or just wasn't appropriate for my new lifestyle. Erica helped me weed through my closet, identified which pieces were still great for me and which needed to go. Once we had a clear picture of what was left, Erica shopped for specific pieces to round out my collection into a fully functional wardrobe. Best of all, Erica organized my closet beautifully, making it easy to see which pieces work perfectly together. Erica's instinct and love of style made it fun to get dressed again- I highly recommend her services!"
Erin K.
"Erica is so talented! She really focuses on finding my perfect style, I am so grateful for her, now I have an amazing wardrobe for my everyday life and all my events. She created personalized looks that really opened my eyes to new styles, but also stayed true to who I am. I am always impressed with how well she knows how to dress my body which isn't always the easiest. I will definitely continue to work with Erica!"
Lauren M.
"I needed help getting dressed for a special occasion. Erica not only guided me to finding the right clothes for the event, but she also gave me wonderful advice on what to look for in sizing and fit. She really saved the day and I've gotten a lot of great feedback from friends and family. Thank you, Erica!"
Steve K.