2020: A Year I'm Ready To Say Goodbye To

Hi Friends, As 2020 is coming to a close, I want to wish you and your loved ones moments of peace, times of joy, and hope in the renewal of 2021. This past year, we've all had to face the reality of a "different" world. May this serve as a reminder for your strength and resilience and your ability to keep going.

I am grateful that I get to do what I love, and thankful for all of you that have followed along on my journey.

For those of you thinking of taking advantage of my 2020 discounted rates, or wanting to give a gift of Personal Styling to your loved ones, e-gift cards are available here and delivered right in time for Christmas.

Here is what some of my clients have said about working together:

"When I hired Erica to help me choose some outfits, I had no idea she would help to transform my life, and I am forever grateful. Here’s what I found to be so valuable: ​

She takes a “self-love approach.” She helped me to embrace my unique body type by not only finding clothes that fit me well but also teaching me what items work for me and why. With a master’s degree in psychology, it’s no surprise she focuses on self-love and confidence building, emphasizing that feeling good about yourself on the inside is part of what makes you look good on the outside.

She teaches you to be a savvy shopper. I used to shop constantly, buying lots of inexpensive clothes, just because they were a good deal. But often, I didn’t wear them. After Erica showed me how to save money on quality pieces I love wearing, I was able to build a small-but-mighty wardrobe. While I have a smaller wardrobe, I wear everything and I love everything."

"I am not a fan of shopping and was also excited by her shopping services– she buys the clothes, I keep what I want & she returns anything not selected.​ During the first visit to my home she briefly interviewed me to get a sense of my goals, then we reviewed my closet. Did a fair amount of purging, but also identified several pieces that needed to be complemented in order to work. She gathered all sizing info and scheduled a follow up visit. 3 weeks later– follow up visit. Erica arrives with a massive amount of clothes sets that we work through (fit, style, etc) to systematically whittle down to the finalists. She is extremely efficient in helping to choose pieces that work well, and helps to eliminate similar items. After narrowing down the field, she creates multiple outfits with the new items and pieces from my existing wardrobe.​​

I now have a closet full of clothes that look great, and 99% of the things that she brought are items that I either would not have found or wouldn’t have purchased without some encouragement. And I never had to leave my house."

"I am proud to say I lost 75 pounds and it was the hardest journey of my life. When I hit the halfway point, I turned to my closet, and there was not one single item that fit. Quite frankly, that part was depressing and daunting. Erica helped me weed out, organize, and then start fresh. She helped me find a new look that felt authentic and beautiful. She was sensible with price knowing that I was on a journey, and she was strategic about clothing that would work in transition and for many occasions. Along my journey, I also called Erica in "closet-emergencies" and she helped give advice and find great pieces to fill in for important events. She is patient, sweet, economical, and has great humor. I could not be happier with Erica as my Styling partner."

Happy Holidays! xx Erica

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