Happy New Year! Ready To Upgrade Your Style?

Hi Friends, Here's to the first week of 2021 and a whole new year of possibility. As I recently shared on Instagram, I feel very fortunate to be in a place in life where I am fulfilled personally. It has taken a long time (40+ years) to get here, with A LOT of inner development, hard work, perseverance, resilience and learning. It's not perfect and I will forever be working on being a better mom and partner. And while I know there will be more peaks and valleys to come, today I'm here and I'm grateful.

Since I've never really connected to "resolutions" or the idea to only make them once a year, I instead choose to focus on goals and assess them multiple times throughout the year. This is the year, I want to focus on my business and career goals. The year I want to build my audience across my social platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, to have the opportunity to reach more people. Whether to build their confidence, grow their business, feel good in how they show up daily, and to help them create a closet and a life they love.

As some of you know, I created a weekly YouTube video series last spring with new videos that come out every Thursday. These are mini "How To Style Tip" videos that I create, shoot and edit where I offer simple and actionable style tips that you can start using now. I took a break making them when we first moved to Los Angeles, but I've been back to creating them over the last few weeks.

In today's post, I'm sharing them with you here. Would love your support to watch, like, comment and share if you feel they are helpful to you. If you have a free YouTube account, please also think about subscribing here.

Cheers to you, your goals and a new year!

xx Erica

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