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Do you ever wonder why some people always look so put together and stylish?

I’m going to fill you in on a secret.  It’s not that they are better at putting outfits together, it’s that they have most likely followed 2 important rules when it comes to their wardrobe:

  1. They have an organized closet where everything is visible.

  2. They have all the basic wardrobe essentials they need to get dressed.

I’ve walked into numerous peoples' closets who tell me they have a hard time getting dressed.  One of the things I find is that they’ll have a bright pop of color bag or shoe, but they are missing the essential neutral or black.  Another common theme that comes up as I edit closets, is that they forgot about pieces they have because they were "hidden". 

These are the 2 things I focus on when I edit a closet: 


   1. I find the missing closet essentials in their wardrobe that prevent them from getting       dressed easily.

   2. I organize their closets so that every item is visible and accessible.

With over 13 years of experience as a Personal & Wardrobe Stylist styling celebrities, for tv shows, commercials and films in Los Angeles, I've created a free pdf guide:

Ultimate Closet Guide: Organization To Wardrobe Essentials”.

In Part I of this workbook, you’ll learn how to organize your closet.  When you’re ready to get started, walk into your closet with this worksheet and go through each step. Once you’ve completed a step, go ahead and check it off.

In Part II, you’ll discover closet essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe to get dressed quickly.  Go through my list and check off all of the items that you currently have in your closet. Now if you technically have the item but you don’t wear it because it doesn’t fit, or you don’t like it, then it doesn’t count (and it’s really time to say goodbye to that piece).  Next, use my worksheet to write down the items that you’re missing and create your own “Shopping List” that you’ll use whenever you’re ready to shop.

Follow these tips and you too will get dressed in under 5 minutes. 

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"My husband surprised me with a session with Erica for my 40th birthday and it was the best gift I've ever received! She helped me review my closet, edit what I had and then filled in the blanks with the most amazing, timeless staples that I never realized I was missing. Four years later I still wear every single piece Erica picked for me and have built on that wardrobe using the same logic. She helped me find my style and feel comfortable in my clothes. I also learned where to invest in key pieces that will last like my jeans, blazer and black pumps (nude pumps too!)."

-Client Testimonial